The students of Engineering are privileged members of the society; they should conduct themselves in the manner worthy of their profession.

  1. Strict discipline shall be maintained within the premises of the college.

  2. Students shall wear the college uniform and identity card with tag around the neck on all working days. They are not permitted to wear cap, T-shirts of knitted cloth and Jeans pant in the college premises. Also the male students shall tuck – in their half sleeve shirts with blue or black waist belt. Accordingly, the shirts must be deep sufficiently below the waist for convenient tuck-in. Shirts and pants have to be loosely stitched so that the dresses are not tight. Stickers, embroidery or any other work on the cloth should be strictly avoided. Also avoid putting identity card inside the pocket.

  3. No student shall go out of the class room without the permission of teacher; nor any one enter inside without the teacher’s permission.

  4. Student shall handle all the college properties and things are care; non- observant will be held responsible for the loss.

  5. Students should punctual to classes and laboratories. No one will be permitted to do a fresh experiment until the previous record is checked by the Lecturer in charge.

  6. Disobedience to the staff, irregularities in attendance of less than 80% and violation of disciplinary rules are strong reasons for barring from writing examinations, suspension or even termination.

  7. No student shall collect money for any purpose in the premises of the college.

  8. For Leave, one should apply in advance to the HOD/ Principal in the prescribed form which shall be counter signed by parent / guardian

  9. When grievances of academic nature occur, one should first contact the class Teacher; later, if necessary, he can to go to HOD / Principal.

  10. It is highly improper to bring down the name of the college in publications in legal or political forum.

  11. Avoid ragging of any kind and eve teasing in any shape.

  12. Strictly avoid standing or sitting near the bus –stop/ approaches to the college/entrance to the campus in the morning or during lunch break. Non - observants deserve punishment since this act defames the college.

  13. Use of cell phones in and around the campus, is strictly prohibited.

  14. Students are duty bound to know all rules as well as the announcements in the notice board; ignorance of any kind is not a reason for excuse.

Attendance Requirements and Leave Rules

  1. It is the duty of each student to attend all classes regularly and punctually.

  2. It a student has absent himself from classes at any time, he must submit an application for leave, in the prescribed form to the concerned Head of department.

  3. In all cases, where the leave can be foreseen, the application must be submitted in advance and where leave could not be applied for advance, as in the case of sudden illness the application for leave must be submitted through a messenger or on the very first day of attendance, after the period of absence.

  4. A Candidate will be permitted to appear the Board’s examination provided,

    • He/She secures a minimum of 80% of attendance in that semester course of study.

    • He/She earns a progress certificate from the head of the institution for having satisfactorily completed the course of study prescribed and as required by the regulations.

    • His/Her conduct has been satisfactory.

  5. In case of 1st semester students failing to put in 80% of attendance, they will, not only lose their eligibility to appear for the Board’s Examination, but also will be facing their termination from the institution automatically.

  6. The Principal to empowered to granting condonation of attendance shortage up to 5% only (That too at his discretion) on medical certificate duly submitted on time (on arrival after medical leave without delay).Medical certificate cannot be received at a latter period.

  7. A candidate will not be permitted to proceed to the next higher semester course of study unless he/she has registered himself/herself and appeared for the Board Examination. If a candidate fails to satisfy the attendance regulations in any semester he/she has to repeat the course of study in that semester.

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