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Disciplinary Committee

When serious matters pertaining to discipline are brought to the notice of the principal, he shall refer the matter to the disciplinary committee, to probe into the matter and recommend suitable actions, to avoid recurrence of such breach of discipline.

President : Mr. A. Alex
Secretary : Mr. J. Antony Maria Johnson

Counselling Cell

Counseling cell provides amble opportunity to the students with low self-esteem leading to behavioral changes with proper guidance by the trained counselors on and off campus.

Co-ordinator : Mr. J. Xavier Rose

Sexual Harassment cell

Sexual Harassment cell provides amble awareness to acquire profound self-esteem by not being affected by any kind of sexual harassment.

Staff-In-Charge : Mrs. E. Mary Bearly

Anti-Ragging Committee

Anti-ragging cell promotes the prohibition of any kind of ragging so as to make the students invariable feel at home in an around the campus.

Staff-In-Charge : Mr. M.R. Arputharaj (Principal)
Mr. A. Alex (PD)

Internal Complaint committee

This committee addresses to the complaints of the students and staff and makes proper suggestions to promote justice and peace.

Co-ordinator : Mrs. E. Mary Bearly
Member : Sr. A. Effamia Lucy Joice

Career Guidance cell

In order to motivate the students positively towards their bright future this cell conducts career guidance programmes which give them sufficient confidence and courage to identify their splendid life ahead.

Co-ordinator : Rev. Fr. M. Primas Singh
Joint Co-ordinator : Mr. M.R. Arputharaj

SC/ST committee

SC/ST welfare cell works with main objective of molding the students of SC/ST community as par with the main stream student body by providing training and motivation program.

Co-ordinator :Mr. K. Kevin

Alumni Cell

Alumni Association supports creating a global community of alumni faculty and students in order to enrich one another and the institution.

Co-ordinator College alumni Members:Mr. A.M. Ajin
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