Indian socity for technical education:

ISTE, a professional organization a engineering educators and educational administrators, is funded, staffed and controlled by the AICTE for carrying out Specific projects such as summer, winter schools, publications, research etc.

ISTE Staff chapter:

In the changing scenario of technical education, the teachers and administrators have to be kept updated and continuously informed to the new facing their career. In order to provide them the necessary leadership, training and expertise to meet these challenges, our college has a staff chapter with 30 life members. Secretary cum Treasure: Dr.v.Selvaraj (H & Sc.)

ISTE StudentChapter:

This Chapter organizes
  • Coaching programs for interviews
  • Training programme on report writing
  • Training in public speaking, learning, environmental awareness and basic managerial skills.

Staff Advisor: Mrs. V. Burvin Paul (H&Sc.)

Associations for Developing Extra- Skills:

Academic excellence alone is not adequate to attain fullness in education. For the overall development of personality, participation in one or two extra- curricular activities is very essential.

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