Morning Star

Polytechnic College



Muthamil Mantram

This mantram was started in 1990 with the avowed objective of exposing students to various aspects of Tamil Literature and art.

Staff Advisor : Mr. D. John Kennedy

Malayalam Literary Association

This association Provides an opportunity to the students who come from our neighboring state, Kerala to expose their talents in their mother-tongue.

Programme Staff Advisor : Mr. V. Xaiver Raj

English Literary Association

In order to improve the English Language Proficiency of the students and to expose them to the various aspects of English Literature, we have the English Literary Association.

Staff Advisor : Mrs. G. Mary Nirmala

Women’s Cell

This cell organizes programmes to inculcate in girls, the courage to face problems and to build up confidence. Whenever our girls approach the cell with problems encountered by them, the cell extends a helping hand to them to come out of it.

Staff Advisor : Mrs. M. Jesu Vijila Rani
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